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Energy is the one thing we need the most when cycling, giving us the both the short-term boost and the long-term endurance we need to keep on going through to the finish line. Here at ProBikeKit Australia, we cater to your every nutritional need, be it energy gels, energy bars or hydration tablets; we've got it all.

When do I need to take energy bars?

Energy bars are great for a snack replacement, generally containing the same calorific value as a chocolate bar, these bars are much more nutrient-dense, packed with carbohydrates - and some even a little protein, whilst remaining low in fat. Another good time to take these is half an hour before your ride or in a sit-down break in your ride. Energy bars will give you the boost you need to carry on without the big size of a meal, which can be hard to digest. Although these bars go down easy, they can still be even too much food to chew whilst cycling, which is where energy gels come in.

So when do I take energy gels?

Energy gels are the perfect way to refuel whilst on the move. The liquid form and easy-open packet means that you can simply down these little wonders whilst cycling and not worry about whether or not you will be able to break it all down.

And what about hydration tablets?

Hydration tablets, such as those offered by High5 and Nuun, are perfect for replacing lost electrolytes whilst on the go. We've all heard the countless sports hydration supplements claiming to be better than water, and I'm sure we've all been sceptical and wondered, how? When you lose water through sweat - or any other way - you're also losing electrolytes with it. When you then replace the water, you aren't replacing the electrolyte concentration at the same rate, because water just isn't naturally that concentrated. Hydration tablets - or electrolyte tablets - have a higher concentration of electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium), allowing it to more efficiently hydrate you.

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