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Why Should You Wear Cycling Gloves?

They are designed to offer comfort, protection, and grip; although the latter point is arguably a form of protection. The silicone grippers on the palm are there to offer a bit of padding on rough rides, and mean you'll be able to grip the handlebars better and ride with greater confidence. Fingerless gloves like the Castelli Arenberg Gel 2, named for one of the most gruelling stretches of Paris–Roubaix, offer extra comfort when racing across the cobbles. For winter riding the reasons are pretty obvious: to stop your hands from freezing!

Gloves For Mountain Biking

MTB gloves are arguably even more important than gloves for the road. Rapid changes in terrain and surface, variable weather conditions, the higher likely ahead of an enforced dismount all contribute to the reasons why you would want to have a solid set of gloves when tackling the trails. Brands like 100%, known for their quality MTB clothing, offer protection from the elements but remain light and flexible enough for you to remain in complete control.

Types of Bike Gloves

• Neoprene cycling gloves are made of the same material as wetsuits and work in a similar way to keep your hands warm. The idea is that a thin layer of moisture is kept between your hands and the gloves, this is then warmed by your body heat. The gloves also act as an effective barrier to wind and rain, but the material is typically light and flexible, so you can maintain dexterity.

• MTB gloves are designed to offer grip and protection. Depending on the specific mountain biking discipline, much like gloves for road cycling, they’ll vary in how heavy duty they are. Ultimately, the aim is to give you more grip on the trails and more protection from crashes.

• Winter gloves are fairly self-explanatory: gloves to be worn through winter. These will usually be thick(er) gloves, with adding warmth to your winter base miles in mind. A single set of quality, dedicated winter gloves can replace several layers of inferior gloves.

• Fingerless gloves or mitts are the ‘classic’ cycling glove. Worn by racers and amateurs the world over, these will be a familiar sight to most cyclists. These are gloves for summer and warmer climates. They provide extra grip and a small amount of extra protection in the event of a crash. Typically, these are light so you can keep cool.

Whether you need a thick set of cycling gloves for the depths of winter, or a pair of lightweight fingerless mitts for summer, find your perfect pair of bike gloves at ProBikeKIt.