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A bike can be made by it's wheels, with a new set can give your ride a streamlined, lightweight feel. Whether you're looking to cut down on bike weight, wind resistance or improve stability and feel; a new set of wheels can give an old ride a complete refurbishment.

At ProBikeKit Australia, we have a huge selection of wheels on offer, from big brand names such as SRA, Campagnolo, Reynolds, Zipp, Mavic, Miche and more. You will have to decide whether you'd prefer clincher wheels or tubular wheels on your bike.

What are Clincher wheels?

Clincher wheels are an easy mechanism for riders looking to quickly and easily remove wheels and tyres for repair and changeover. The clincher wheel overtook the Tubular wheel in terms of mass appeal and popularity, when people realised it was so simple to changeover wheels and tyres.

Picture the scene: you're cycling down a long and dark road, 50 miles from home with a slow puncture. The last thing you'll want to be doing is taking your time un-stitching or un-gluing tubular tyres in the middle of nowhere. This is where Clincher wheels come in. 

What are Tubular wheels?

Tubular wheels are basically the more traditional wheel, usually stitched or glued onto the tyres, this was how tyres and wheels were connected before the clincher mechanism was invented. This might bring you to ask why on earth we'd still be using tubular tyres? Well, there's one reason, and it's a pretty big reason: speed. Tubular wheels and seamlessly attached to the tyre, so they are aerodynamic and light.

However, tubular wheels are harder to fix in the case of a puncture, so are not for the everyday cyclist. The type of riders that will benefit however, are indoor track cyclists that are less prone to debris and other foreign objects that may cause punctures. If speed is all you care about, and you're willing to sacrifice the risk of piercing a tyre, then a tubular could be just what you need to smash those personal bests!

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