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Whether you're hitting the flats at a sprinting pace, or slowly edging up that steep climb inch by inch, you must be fuelled optimally to perform at your best. When you're cycling at up to forty miles per hour, 'real foods' go out the window, it's just not realistic to be biting your way through a baguette or sandwich. At ProBikeKit Australia, we've got together the perfect selection of cycling nutrition to keep you going on the ride.

What do we have? Just about everything, at ProBikeKit Australia we put you first and cater for every possible need you may have. Our range includes:

Energy Gels:

Crucial to keep you going on the longer rides, a compact gel is quick and easy to absorb, delivering all the right nutrients to leave you feeling fresh. Brands include: ZipVit, Powerbar and SiS.

Electrolyte Tablets:

To stay optimally hydrated on the road, track or dirt, you'll need to mix your water with electrolyte tabs. These balance out your hydration with potassium, sodium and magnesium, in order to safely nourish your body and allow it to function to the best of its ability. Popular brands include Nuun and High5.

Recovery Shakes:

When your session is all over, it's important to unwind the right way. Our recovery shakes are made up of protein and carbohydrates at varying levels, in order to get you ready for the next ride.

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