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There are seemingly more entrants to the wearable tech market every day, but there are few — if any – with the history of Polar. Established in 1987, it would be fair to say that they are truly pioneers in the wearable-tech space. For over four decades, from their base in Finland, they have produced innovative and cutting-edge equipment with the aim of helping athletes understand their bodies, enhance their training, and perform better. Today they produce some the most accurate data-driven insights in the sports tech industry. Explore the brand’s wide range of wearable tech and bike computers at ProBikeKit.

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As you would expect from a company that’s been producing sports technology for over 40 years, Polar offers a wide range of products, for a number of use cases. It’s core product remains the sports watch, beloved by runners, triathletes and multi-sport athletes alike, but you can supplement this with heart rate monitors and bike computers.

Among its sports watches, it’s more affordable offering, the Ignite, is well priced but still packs in a bunch of features to track your fitness, making it ideal for those looking to begin taking their fitness tracking more seriously.

Across all of Polar’s range you’ll get features like accurate GPS data, heart rate tracking, and VO2 max estimates, to name but a few. Opt for one of the Finnish company’s premium models, such as the Vantage M, and expect a crisp touchscreen display, as well as a host of tools to help you create workout plans, track training and recovery, and support multi-sport use. For the experience athlete, that wants to track fitness across a number of sports, there are few options on the market that compare.

Whether you’re a dedicated professional cyclist or a casual runner who wants to access key activity metrics, we have you covered with a massive range of Polar watches, heart rate monitors and more at ProBikeKit.