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As one of the world’s biggest sellers of sunglasses, it’s little wonder that Oakley’s shades dominate in the cycling industry too. Since 1984, when the Factory Pilots were introduced to the pro peloton by Greg LeMond, their frames have sat atop the ears of many of the best cyclists in the modern era and for good reason. Not only are Oakley glasses distinctive and stylish, but they offer incredible image quality and are comfortable too. Discover today our extensive range and see for yourself why they’re so loved by the pros.

Rider Tested

Oakley works hard to ensure all its glasses and gear are developed with extensive input from athletes and are guided by tests carried out in the field. In doing so, you can rest assured that your stylish shades don’t only look the part in the store, but they’ll be able to handle the real world.

Innovation In Shades

As you would expect from a cutting edge maker of sunglasses, all of Oakley’s lenses offer complete protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as harmful blue light.

But more than this basic level of protection, incorporated into many of its lines is the brand’s Prizm lens technology; a technology claimed to be 15 years in the making. When out riding on the road, it’s important to be able to see clearly the numerous potential hazards, such as stones, rocks, and potholes. Prizm lenses are specifically engineered to enhance colour and contrast, making it easier to pick out hazards, see road signs and markings, and generally make your surroundings more defined.

The Oakley range is vast and we’re confident there’s a frame design or goggle to suit a wide variety of styles and disciplines. So whether you're a road racer or mountain biker in need of cycling glasses, protect your eyes in style at ProBikeKit.