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Neatcleats™ are a new venture, designed by keen cyclists. NeatCleats do exactly what they say. They tidy up your cycling shoes. No more looking for the missing shoe in the back of the car or in the early hours of the morning. They also mean that your shoes will dry out up to 80% faster than when they’re left on the floor.

NeatCleat Wall Mounted Brackets

Wall mount brackets are great for keeping your home tidy and making sure one of your cycling shoes doesn't go missing. Screw them into your wall in your garage or bedroom, clip your shoes in at the end of a ride and have them to hand next time you head out the door.

NeatCleat Carabiner Cleat Clips

Carabiner clips are ideal for when you're on the go. Your shoes will dry a lot faster on a NeatCleat carabiner than they will if they're stuffed in a travel bag.

At ProBikeKit we stock NeatCleats for all pedal systems, including Look and Shimano.

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