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Bike Computers

Discover our wide range of bike computers across ProBikeKit. Whether it’s a basic device with minimal features or the most advanced money can buy, we have something for you.

In terms of additions to your bike, there are few items as ubiquitous in modern cycling as the bike computer. The breadth and depth of features on offer in modern devices means that there’s a feature everyone. Use it simply to log how many miles you’ve covered and display your speed, or take advantage of more powerful tech, like detailed bike-specific navigation instructions and displaying an accurate pacing strategy to maximise your performance on a local climb.

Modern Tech

Gone are the days when the pinnacle of bike-computer tech meant meticulously wrapping a wire around the fork of your bike and using magnets to track wheel revolutions. With the advance of technology in this sector, even a relatively basic device now comes packed with features. You’ll be able to track all the key cycling metrics, including speed, distance, time, and the route you took via built in GPS software.

Opt for a more advanced device and you’ll have access to seemingly endless possibilities. Via a number of wireless protocols, you’ll be able to sync your device to a plethora of other bike tech, including heartrate monitors, power meters, turbo trainers, cadence and speed sensors, smart lights, and more. With the latest offerings, from the likes of Garmin and Hammerhead, you can even receive suggested routes and workouts straight from your device, reducing the time and stress of having to plan a ride. For the climbers, you can also display live profiles on any climb on your route, helping you to stay strong in the mountains until the very end.

The Range

Whether you're a mountain biker, road rider, gravel racer, commuter, or a combination of all of these, every cyclist can benefit from data displayed by a bike computer.