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Comfort, Style, and Performance

If you’re looking for a pair of women’s bib shorts that hits all the key factors: comfort, style, and performance, then look no further than Castelli’s women’s Premio range. These shorts are made using a woven fabric to minimize seams and panels, which reduces skin irritation. As the name implies, these meant as a premium offering. From a brand with as much pedigree as this, you’d expect them not to disappoint; they certainly don’t!

For the ladies that race, the Free Aero range have been specifically designed to draw out every ounce of performance. Fifteen years in the making, these shorts have been ridden to Grand Tour and Roubaix success. You might think that an ultra-race-focused bib short will be uncomfortable but in this case, you’d be wrong. Castelli have used a high-quality chamois, because when you’re racing for several hours, across varied terrain, comfort is every bit as important as performance.

On-Road, Off-Road, All-Road

Although they have long been thought of a road-focused brand, Castelli have recently joined the off-road market. The Castelli Free Unlimited bib shorts for women, is the Italian brand’s premium entrant to the realms of gravel clothing. These top-of-the-range shorts have been designed for comfort and performance, as well as protection and storage. If you’re looking to get out on wild adventures or simply big endurance days, these shorts are perfect. With two pockets on the rear, you’ve got added storage for gels and snacks, which is never a bad thing. Additionally, the Dyneema side panels have been used to increase protection in the event of a crash.

So, whether it’s a premium set of Castelli’s ladies’ racing bib shorts, something for those long endurance days on the road, or something for gravel exploration we stock a range of options.