4iiii Generation 3

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Precision 3

If power meters have revolutionised modern cycling training, it would be fair to say that 4iiii—the Canadian bike tech company—have played a major role in making power meters affordable and obtainable for everyday cyclists. 4iiii’s Precision 3 builds on the brand’s years worth of experience in developing highly accurate and affordable power meters. If it’s a well-priced, yet accurate and reliable power meter you’re looking for, look no further.

Market-Leading Accuracy

Whether you’ve been training to power for years or this will be your first dip into the world of watts, having accurate and reliable data is a must. Afterall, what’s the point of gathering all this data if it’s completely meaningless. 4iiii have been producing some of the most accurate devices on the market since they first launched in 2014; as you would expect, the Precision 3 doesn’t let down the team. Boasting +/-1% accuracy, this is truly a market leader. Add in the brand’s reputation for reliability and you’ll be able to train to your power data day-in-day out worry free.

By reducing the height of the already fairly slimline device, the Precision 3 is now able to fit onto an even larger number of frames. At 5.5mm in height and weighing only 9g this is one of the most discrete ways to add a power meter to your bike. Add in a battery life of up to 800 hours and you’d be forgiven for forgetting you even had it attached.

Fit, Sync, Ride

Getting yourself set up with a Precision 3 couldn’t be much simpler. The device arrives pre-installed onto a brand-new crank arm. All you need to do is replace your existing crank with the new one. The device can be configured and updated via the iOS or Android app, and then paired with the bike computer of your choice. From unpackaging it, to out and riding, could be mere minutes.

Of course, with any piece of technology there’s always a risk of a fault. But 4iiii have such confidence in all their devices that they come with a three-year warranty.

So whether you’re an experienced cycle trainer or a newbie just setting out, there’s a power meter here for you.