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A Wide Variety of Bike Computer Accessories

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your bike computer or simply need a replacement accessory we offer a range of cycling computer accessories. Hammerhead computers have quickly become one of the leading devices on the market; thanks in large part to the rich, colour, touchscreen display, which is perhaps one of the best available. But this attention to vibrancy and colour needn’t stop at the pixels on the screen, you can jazz up your Hammerhead with a custom colour case. We’ve a variety of colours to choose from, since we know how important it is to coordinate bike, kit, and everything else.

Garmin Cycling Computer Accessories

Anyone with even a vague familiarity with cycling tech will have heard of Garmin. For a long time, the brand’s name was synonymous with the technology itself; although more competitors have entered the foray in recent years, they still remain a force in the industry. If you use a Garmin device, you’ll likely know what a useful aid it can be but with some accessories it can be even more so. For example, if you want to keep your hands firmly planted to your bars, you can add a remote from your bike computer to the handlebars. With one of these handy remotes, you can easily switch between screens and start/stop laps, without your hands needing to leave your handlebars. If you ride rough roads, gravel, or do intense intervals this a useful piece of equipment that takes the stress out of having to take your hands off the bar.

Additionally, Garmin’s Varia light is another very useful piece of equipment, made all the more so with a remote control. This accessory, from the American brand, can add some practicality to your day or nighttime rides. With this remote you can adjust your light-beam’s brightness and (with a requirement for two taillights) signal your turns.