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Triathletes and time trial enthusiasts will always be on the hunt for the aerodynamic edge. Any gear you can get your hands on that slices through wind resistance is a sure winner for the speed demons out there.

Your bike might be light as a light as a feather, stripped down to the bare minimum of kit. You may have dieted down and cut any unwanted body fat down, but there's still always room for improvement, and that's where aero kit comes in!

At ProBikeKit Australia, our aero kit includes: mounting systems, speed fill bottles and cages; add these to your bike and you'll be leaving your competition in the slow lane as you speed off to the finish line.

How can hydration be aero?

Helmets, bike frames, shoes and even clothing can be fine tuned to kill wind resistance, but there's always that little extra you can do to make your bike razor sharp on the flats. Check out what makes our hydration gear aerodynamic: 

- Extended straws that reach up to your mouth will allow you to stay in the aero position during hard rides.

- Ergonomic, easy handling bottles allow you to quickly and simply change over liquids.

- Aero bottles and cages are engineered to slice through wind, with specialised shells and casings.

With our aero hydration kit, you'll be able to stack up on more gains that'll leave you ready to go on race day.

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